About us

Racecare insurance is a brokerage firm specializing in sports, and more particularly in motorsports. Racecare was born of the collaboration between high-level athlete, Guillaume Moreau and his insurer, Franck Bayle.

Guillaume Moreau

Born on March 8, 1983, in Limoges, Guillaume started in karting at the age of 12, where he progressed during seven years on European tracks. Junior French Champion in 2003 before defending his title next season with three wins and 13 podiums with SG Formula. He joined the F3 Euro Series grid in 2005 where he success-fully battled against Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, among others. As member of the FFSA French national team, overseen by Jean Alesi, Guillaume continued his rise in the single-seater ranks as he moved to the World Series by Renault in 2007 and 2008, a stepping stone to Formula 1. He would complete a test with Ferrari F1 in the summer of 2008.

In tandem with his car program, Guillaume competed in 2007 in his first official Courage LMP1 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. In 2008, in association with Luc Alphand and driving a Corvette, Guillaume was named Le Mans Series GT1 champion.

He then joined the Mazda France OAK Racing Team where he drove a Pescarolo LMP2 in the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans. A meeting with Jacques Nicolet was so successful, the two men decided to move forward together.

During the 2010 season, Guillaume reached the second step of the podium in the LMP2 class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. True to his team, 2011 marked the return of the young Limousin driver in the LMP1 premier class in an OAK Pescarolo.

He was involved in a serious accident during the preliminary tests of the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans race, suffering injuries to his spine and spinal cord.

Guillaume : I decided to stay in the world of motorsports with the goal, both needed and preventative, of raising awareness that zero risk is nonexistent.

Franck Bayle

Franck was born in Limoges in 1979 and is an insurer in Limoges.

Passionate sports fan in general but of soccer especially, Franck has played for 27 years, mainly in honor division. Professionally, he obtained his degree in accounting in 1998 and immediately began work in an insurance firm as an associate agent. It was at age 26, after graduating Enass, that he decided to go out on his own and purchase an insurance portfolio.

The two Limogeans met almost by chance in 2007. They clicked immediately and Guillaume became a typical insurance client of Franck’s. Until the day, that is, when driver asked insurer to cover his motorsports job-related risks in addition to his regular coverage. It was left to the insurer to find a very specific, highly personalized insurance product, which did not exist, at least not to the specifications Guillaume desired in his capacity as a professional driver.

The contract was finalized a few months later, and was unfortunately tested by the driver himself in 2012 following a serious accident on the track. The two men realized the importance of such customized protection. With 14 years of experience in the field of insurance, Franck decided to invest in sports insurance.

Franck : Despite progress made in safety measures in recent years, recent accidents in motorsports remind us that sports can be dangerous but still insurable.